Pre- larp workshops in Legion - Guns, kicking people and learning to sing in Czech

This is one of the posts related to Czech larp Legion: Siberian story. They will have most likely another international run. If you are planning to participate, please DO NOT read these posts because they will contain major spoilers about different characters and plots.

We had travelled almost two hours by bus from Prague passing by bigger and smaller cities and towns. The smallest one's streets were so tight I was sure the bus will got stuck between the stone fences next to the road. Most places were eerily quiet and empty. Clock was only 19:00 and there were no one to be seen, not even inside buildings which were mostly without lights. We had woke up before 6:00 at morning with my two friends, had a flight from Helsinki to Prague and visited museums, bought some food etc. and we were so tired half the trip went trying to sleep a little. Because there were still workshopping ahead 'til midnight. Luckily I had some energy drinks...

Props & photos

We arrived to a little house of voluntary fire brigade at 20:00. There were people walking around with their props on and we were told to get our props too. Signing up and getting the clothes were greatly organized as well as making sure the clothes will fit. There were a woman next to the sewing machine always ready whenever someone came to say some part of clothing was too small or big. There were also lots of spare hats, belts and everything so everyone could have a perfect, fitting costume. It was extremely important because we would spend next +35 hours outside when the game begins.

My friends getting their costumes. And a rifle! :O

My props were all okay and I even found  a fur hat which fitted when using my wig. It was crazy feeling trying first time your props on. I have used to trying the larp props  many times before the larp, sewing them myself and building the whole thing little by little. Now I just stepped into my costume and that's it!

It was also fun that my own hair is blue and undershaved. That's why I decided to wear a wig. The moment I put that wig on people started smile to me. Without a wig they were like "yeah, a crazy Finnish larper" and after the wig with long braids they came to me saying I was cute and talked to me. I guess it's easier to approach normal looking people than crazy blue-haired girl. :D

My pile of clothes

After we get our clothes there was a photographer who took photos of us. During the night they printed and laminated them giving them to us.

Pic by Ondra Penicka 

Everynight I'm workshoppin'

After all the huzzle we sat down learning some history and rules of the larp. We got all the history materials beforehand and I had read them through couple times. My character didn't really care about politics or anything but when I know something as a player it's easier to understand life back then and some of the happenings during the larp. It was good to hear all the most important parts again so we could maybe remember them the next day. :P

Also all that made me thought that if learning history would have been like that on school it would have been so much more interesting. So EduLarp ftw. I hadn't never been so crazy excited about history than I was when learning about Legions for the larp!

Hi cool people, I'm the one you hate!

Then we had some introductions on smaller groups. My group was the coolest unit of war heroes and I was there just because I was dating one of them and many of them didn't like that at all. :D I was a random girl who decided to leave with soldiers and I was disturbing their important mission. Well, I guess many of them were quite neutral towards me but some of them really disliked me. And it was fun to play! More about that later. :P Anyway, we introduced our characters to each others, we were told some more rules and so on.

Props and people and chaos at our off-game house. :)

More hate & some acting

At this point we were crazy tired because the organizers didn't quite thought about jet lag etc. This was their first international run, so it's agreeable and as a game master myself I understand that sometimes you just have to push players forward to get preparations done.

We had a practise about despising people. We were told that we hate certain people like POW's and it's a big part of the game. We should show it! We did some physical practises about abusing people for that. How you kick and throw people safely, how you can mock them with friends.

I have to say that I really couldn't do that. I was so tired I couldn't just throw myself to that and also I felt really uncomfortable abusing a man I didn't know. Even when it was okay to him and it was just acting. I'm too kind for that and that's one "skill" I want develop. But not in this larp, here I had different challenges which I'll tell later. But I'll tell you a secret. It was only a year ago when I practised how to swear and curse. That was for a larp too but before that I had sweared only once in my life. Then I was reeaally mad at my parents and I shout a bad word running to our attic and locking the door. I think I was 10 years old... :D So now I wasn't ready for beating up people. D: But it was a good practise I have to say!

Then we sang. The organizers gave us lyrics for Czech song Ach Synku Synku telling we had to learn it. We were like wtf unable to even read loud the crazy words but then we just sang it over and over again and learned it. The reason for the song was that it was the unofficial anthem of the Legions. In the lyrics there are a mother asking is her son home. The son is embarrassed about him breaking some tools while working but then the mother just says that plz son fix them, have a family and go to work. It was a powerful song for Legions travelling thousands of kilometres reaching for their home in Czechoslovakia. They also sang the song when someone died as a funeral song.

"Now we'll act some scenes!" FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

Yeah, those were my feelings exactly. It was over midnight I guess and people were falling asleep but we had this one more workshop practise to do. But before I continue I have to say that these were super helpful about learning different characters' demeanor and such and I'm happy we did this. Especially because I had an exciting extra scene! :P

The short scenes were written ready and we had fifteen minutes learning them. Most of us had only one scene to be part of but some had two. They were mostly different groups hanging and talking about some issue or doing everyday things. they really helped memorizing who's with which group and doing what.

[MAJOR SPOILERS COMING] I was in a scene where some civilians were preparing food and talking about some lost supplies, also gossiping about my relationship drama. :D My other scene was a nice surprise! We thought we had a nice blooming relationship with my love of my life I had just met couple days ago but on that scene my mother came to my room at morning where we both were demanding us to get married because she knew I was leaving with that man. He was like WTF and I was like OMG YES. My mother had a priest ready behind her back for marrying us and so we married accidentally. :P

And then we went sleeping, whoa!

Nice morning exercises!

We started our morning by talking about women's status in 1918 Russia and our duties while traveling with the soldiers. In the meanwhile men were outside doing some physical exercises and practising some commands and army stuff. Our discussions were interesting though there were lots of practical information for Red Cross nurses which was quite useless for me. Other themes we talked were extremely helpful, like using manipulating for making men do what we want. Just cry a little and they'll do whatever you want. I was like yeeeeaaaah riiight when we talked about it but during the larp it actually worked and I was like ...what... just... happened. So thanks for tips! :D

Extremely skilled Red Cross nurse, Russian civilian girl with her head in the clouds and a brave soldier!

Just after that we put our clothes on to test them outside before leaving so we would knew if we need more clothes or something just doesn't work while walking and moving. We walked near a big field and get our breakfast which I really waited. I have some health issues which don't like if I do things before breakfast and I was a bit nervous earlier not having anything to eat in the first two hours. But I didn't die yay!

My clothes were also fine. People's toes were freezing at some point when we were standing still long times but we knew we won't do that during the larp. I think there were something like -10C. 


Last we had basic training with guns and rifles. Everyone could try them and I tried too! We used start pistols which sounded and smoked like real guns. It was crazy when first ones shooted next to me and I couldn't hear anything for a while. I was really frightened because I didn't know the sound will be so loud. And then I realized we will have tens of those on the game and I thought that fuuuuuck that is going to be so awesome! :D

The guns also felt real because you loaded them with real looking bullets. Much more better than airsoft guns which are just "pow-pow-pow okay now I'm squeezing hundreds of these cute colorful balls here yayyyy pow-pow-pow". These were "OKAY I LOAD THIS FUCKING RIFLE BY FORCING THIS ONE BULLET HERE WITH MY FINGERS SIBERIA FREEZED YEAH THERE IT WENT NOW I HAVE TO AIM CAREFULLY BECAUSE JUST ONE BULLET, YEAAH GOT YOU BOOOOM HAHA HE'S DEAD NOW BROTHERS, WE CAN DO THIS, OKAAYYYY ANOTHER BULLET FROM HERE NEXT TO MY VODKA!"

Mhm. You get the point. 
They actually shooted a video from our exercise battle, you can see it below, but first the finally preparations.

The last energy drink in Siberia :|

Dear mother...

We went back inside and we were told we have 40 minutes before we leave. I was soooo excited and also nervous. Would I have enough strenght walking tens of kilometres and sleeping in cold? Could I achieve my personal challenges? What super cool things we all will experience soon?

Before that we got our diaries. A little book with pages taped together. At every place we would stop we should read notes (containing tips, memories and also some commands what you have to do) made by our characters and there will be a number telling how much you will take damage if you end up in middle of a battle. One is nothing, two some light wounds, three serious injuries and four death. Woah.

Then we get our photos. We could keep them or give them to someone. And the last thing. We had to wrote our last letters. A letter many soldiers had on their pocket when being at war. A letter to someone important telling whatever you want him/her know if you die. It was really emotional situation. We had prepared for hours, we had had a battle with guns roaring. We were just leaving on our long way home but first a couple words for your family, friend or love in case they would never see you again.

After that everyone went to the stage one by one telling what they are fighting for in this war with couple words. At that point I was so touched by everything we had went through and everything I had learned about history that I really struggled so I wouldn't cry. And we hadn't even larped anything yet! :D

I'll publish my last letter later. We went to the bus and we sat something like an hour blindfolded in silence there before we were at the place where our journey started.

See the video from our mock-up battle below.


Is this a real world?

Woah. I came back from Czech Republic and the larp (Legion: Siberian Story) was awesome. And exhausting. And overwhelming. There's so much to tell I have to digest first all the madness I experienced. I'm right now writing my character's diary and I'll publish it here when it's ready. You'll see also gorgeous photos, videos and everything but for now I'll show you my post larp nails.

I needed something crazy and colorful so I tested my new hexagon glitter nail polish I bought just before we left Prague at Claire's. That's sad we don't have Claire's in Finland, their nail polishes and jewels are so pretty.♥

Pink: Models Own Pink Blush
Multi-color glitter: Claire's Dizzy

I don't now where to start with Legion larp, but I promise I'll start with something next week! :P  


Preparing for Siberia's freezing winds

[ENG below]

Yliuomenna ois lähtö Tsekkeihin larppaamaan! Kyseessä on vuoteen 1918 sijoittuva peli, joka kertoo Tsekkien Legioonan yhden osaston matkaamisesta Siperian halki takaisin kotiseuduilleen ensimmäisen maailmansodan loputtua. Mun hahmo on Legioonalaisen miehen mukaan lähtenyt nuori nainen Venäjältä.

Kerron larpista tarkemmin sit myöhemmin, mut nyt pieni postaus valmistautumisesta. Koska voi apua mihin oon taas lähössä! Larpin aikana kävellään useita kilometrejä ja yövytään eräolosuhteissa. Talvella. Pakkasessa. Aaagh! :D 

Mähän en siis ole eräjormaillut ensimmäisen kerran kun vast puoltoist vuotta sitten enkä oo koskaan käyny missään kunnon vaelluksella tai missään. Talvella pistän harvoin ees nenäni ulos jos vaihtoehtona on käpertyy vilttien alle juomaan kaakaoo. Mut mä tykkään haasteista, joten pakkohan tonne oli lähtee uusii kokemuksii hakemaan! 

Miten mä nyt sit olen valmistautunut tähän? Entinen Neiti Minihameessa Kesät Talvet on hankkinut itelleen kunnon kansalaisen talvivermeitä, koska oikeesti kuolisin muuten tonne. Varustelekasta oli hyvä lähtee liikkeelle. Tilasin itelleni Särmä Merinovilla -leggarit. Oikeen noi paksummat versiot. Ne kun posti toi, niin muutaman päivän käytön jälkeen olin et miks en oo ennen elämässäni kuullu tämmösestä! Eihän noi nyt toki itekseen ole ihme, ne vaatii kaverikseen thermoleggarit, jalan pituset säärystimet ja villasukat, sihen vielä pitkät housut päälle, mut aluskerroksena jotain ihan ihmeellistä. Ja mä kun ennen kuvittelin kerrospukeutumisen tarkottavan sitä et pistetään kolmet kivanväriset nailonsukkahousut päällekäin ja sit hytistään hypotermian partaalla talvipakkasissa. :|

Käytettyäni merinoleggareita viikon putkeen kun osu just kätevästi noi -30C pakkaset sihen väliin, päätin hankkii myös merinovillasen paidan. En luottanut et Lekasta välttämät kerkeis enää tulee ennen reissua, joten marssin paikalliseen Partioaittaan, josta sovittelujen jälkeen päädyin tarjouksessa olleeseen Woolpower Liteen. *Kaching* ja sinne meni viiskymppiä. Mut tätä varten olen säästäny syyskuusta lähtien ja tätä varten menin ylipäätänsä töihin, joten nyt panostetaan sitten! 

Woolpower Lite

Samasta paikasta hain vielä tänään tarjouksessa olleet merinovillasukat. Koska saatan olla rakastunut.♥

Aluskerros on siis aika reilassa, paidan päälle mulla on olemassa pari villapaitaa joita sit lisäilen ja poistelen tarpeen mukaan, alaosaan nuo edellämainitut. Jalkineet on nyt kans modattu sellaseen kuntoon et pitäis selvitä: Varustelekan uskolliset maiharit jotka tuli testattua viime kesänä Puolan OldTownissa sai lisävarusteikseen kylmyyttä eristävät pohjalliset ja sellaset naskalipohjat. Molemmat on Lidlistä, maksoivat noin vitosen pari. Muutoin kengät on vedenpitävät ja tukee nilkkaa, joten en keksi enää mitään mitä niissä vois olla paremmin! :) 

Päällystakki ja karvahattu tuleekin sit pelinjohdon puolesta, joten niitä ei tarvii stressata. Ainoa joka nyt pikkasen mietityttää on mun makuupussi, joka on loottia jostain. Se on paksua matskua ja vie rutosti tilaa, mut se on oikeesti jostain 80-luvulta ja pikkasen aikansa elänyt, kuollut ja nyt sitten haudastaan noussut. Mut sillä mennään. Aika loppuu kesken et alkais perehtyä enää niiden sielunelämään, jos jotain hc-mallia ois kiikarissa. :P 

Ylläolevat ihmeet nappasin myös Varustelekasta itelleni ajatellen et jos meinaa tulla kuolema niin noi saavat olla sit viimeinen toivoni Siperian tuiskuissa. Kyseessä on itsestäänlämpiävät kädenlämmittimet. Kerran luistellessa jo testatut. Ei ne ihan hirmusesti lämmittäneet, mut siinä tilanteessa kun mietti mahdollisuutta sahata sormensa irti ennen kuin ne menee kuolioon noi oli ihan toimivat. 

Noniin, mut off-game varustus on nyt kasassa ja tän illan askartelin kaikenlaista suklaakääreistä viskipulloihin. Katotaan ehdinkö niistä postata vielä ennen reissua vai jääkö ens viikkoon. :) 

I'm going to Legion larp which tells about Czechoslovak Legions and their journey from Siberia to their home after WW1. In this post I'm just telling that I suck at hiking and camping and I have never done those things during winter and that's what we'll do at the larp. :D 

I bought myself leggings, shirt and socks made of merino wool. I also have lots of socks and shirts made of normal wool so I wish I'll survive. :P 

Those rainbow colored paddles above are handwarmers. You can just boil them and use over and over again. There's some chemical reaction which starts the heatening when you bend a little metallic particle inside the paddles. They are cool but let's see how they work in the larp. :)

Today I made also other props for the larp like wrapping for chocolate and label for whiskey bottle. I'll post them sooner or later here! :)


1001 Arabian Alien Nights

Aaaaaa! Ekan kunnon blogipostauksen aika!

Yaaayyyyy time for the first post in this blog! I'll write in English with cursive so you don't have to use Google Translate. I'm writing in Finnish with such dialect that Google Translate would probably explode. :|

Mun uusvuos meni Turun saaristossa Tippsundin leirikeskuksessa, jossa järjestettiin juhlat Tuhannen ja yhden yön tarinoiden teemalla. En tietysti tajunnut hirveesti kuvata mitään kun ympärillä hyöri kymmeniä kavereita joita tulee nähtyä ihan liian harvoin ja oli kiire heittää kaikkien kanssa huonoo läppää. :D

Koristelu oli kuitenkin ihan mieletön katonrajasta valuvine kankaineen ja kauniine lyhtyineen ja teeman mukainen ruoka oli herkkua! Tuli maistettuu kaikkee ihan ihmeellistä ankasta hummukseen ja kuskuspalleroihin.

Puvun tekeminen aiheutti kyl sen verran unettomia öitä et ei oo tosikaan. Juhlien teema oli mulle todella vieras, koska kyseinen aihealue ei oo koskaan kuulunu mun suosikkeihin niin et olis tullu haalittua aiheeseen liittyvää kamaa. Pinnasin Pinterestistä (tsekkaa board!) muutaman kuvan ja olin sillee "plöööhh". Ihan senkin takia et mulla ei ollu valmiina mitään ja budjetti ei ihan olis kestäny kimaltavien kankaiden ostamista metritolkulla ja täysin uuden koruvaraston hankkimista.

Päätin sit lähtee liikkeelle siitä, et mitä mä osaan tehdä, mihin on matskut ja mitä haluun laittaa päälle. Okei, osaan ommella haaremihousut, jotka menee teemaan. Ainoa kangas jota mulla on tarpeeks niihin on mustaa trikoota. Ja mulle on tulos postissa mustat koko silmät peittävät scleral -piilarit. MUNSTA TULEE TUHANNEN JA YHDEN YÖN MYSTINEN ALIEN! DUN DUN DUU!

I spent my New Year's Eve (and the next three days) at Tippsund's camping area in archipelago of Turku. There were 1001 Arabian Nights themed party with delicious food and awesome decoration!

There were also a dress code and I had hard time with that. Arabian Nights isn't one of my favourite themes so I hadn't any accessories to reuse. So I started planning my costume with pinning nice pics to Pinterest! (Check my board here)

After pinning pics I realized I can't afford metres of shining fabrics and massive jewelleries so I started thinking what materials I already had and what can I actually do in only two weeks. Well, I knew how to sew harem pants. The only fabric I have enough is black tricot. And I had placed an order for black scleral contact lenses... Hmmmm... I'LL BE AN 1001 NIGHTS MYSTICAL CREEPY ALIEN! 

Suunnitelmapiirros. Joo tiedän et en oo mikään taiteilija, mut näin saan ajatukset aina kasaan! :)
My plan. I know I suck at drawing but this is the best way for me to gather my thoughts. :)

Ja tästä lähettiin liikkeelle. Housut tuli ommeltua yhessä yössä. Niihin oli hyvä alkaa sovitella kaikkee muuta. Kokeilin yhtä scifi-larpissa käytettyä yläosaa, mut se ei toiminut. Sit muistin kyseisen scifi -larpin inspiraationa olleen Dunen (Dyyni) ja yhden taiteilijan (Simon Goinard, kato ku siistei rakastannnn!) joka on tehny siitä concept artia, joka menis aika hyvin tähän yhdistä-alienit-ja-arabia -ajatukseen. Kaivoin esille vähän soturihenkisempää settiä ja yläosaks valikoitui  viime kesänä fb -kirppikseltä ostettu paksua nahkaa oleva tummanruskea-musta puolikorsetti.

In one night I sewed the harem pants and started searching a top for my costume. I tried on a shirt I used in a scifi larp but it didn't match. Then I remembered a book that had inspired that scifi larp, The Dune and an artist who had done amazing concept art based on that (Simon Goinard, you have to look they're so awesomeeeee I'm gonna die!). So I started to search something a little more warrior-like finding my brown and black leather corset I bought last summer from Facebook's second hand shop group. 

Ärgh kai täst jotain tulee! Tää huivi on tyhmä ja kengät ei toimi aaaaaaa!
Argh I wish this will shape into something... I don't like this scarf and these shoes are a big nope! 

No, ei auttanu, täs kohtaa kasasin kassit täytee potentiaalisii vaihtoehtoi ja suuntasin joulunviettoon porukoille!

No can do, I packed my bags with potential looking stuff and headed to my parent's for Christmas. 

Jaksoin pitkästä aikaa panostaa vähän kynsiinkin siinä joulupäivinä norppaillessa! Vähän surullista oli et multa katkes just ennen joulua peukalonkynsi tosi pahasti, eikä muutkaan kynnet kovin hyvinvoivia ollu hullun viikonmittasen siivoustempauksen jäliltä, mut niillä mentiin ja parilla hassulla lakalla jotka nappasin mukaan kotoota. Sen verran munsta vielä kynsibloggaria löytyy, et listaan vähän lakkoja, jos jotakuta kiinnostaa. :P

My nails weren't in very good condition after cleaning for a week before Christmas but I wanted to polish my nails anyway which I haven't done in long time. I used to be a nail art blogger couple year's ago so I can't help listing the polishes I used here for you. :D

  • Nfu Oh'n hopeinen hologrammilakka / Nfu Oh's silver hologram polish
  • H&M:n viime vuoden malliston tummanvioletti lakka / Dark purple from H&M's last year's collection
  • Äidin varastoista random turkoosi kirppiksen halpislakka / Turquoise is some random from second hand shop
Koristelut tein ihan vapaalla kädellä, sekä dotting toolilla. :)

Ekan kerran linssit silmissä huuu!
Using sclerals first time omg!

Meikki oli vähän jännittävä tapaus scleralien takia. Ne vaatii omanlaistansa silmämeikkiä päästäkseen oikeuksiinsa. Ajan kanssa varmaan siinäkin harjaantuu, koska aika varovaisesti lähdin nyt liikkeelle ekoissa testailuissa. En myöskään tiennyt miten mun silmät reagoi linsseihin, joten en viittinyt heittää esim. tekoripsiä rasittamaan silmiä entisestään. :D 

Linssit tosiaan tilattiin suoraan valmistajalta MesmerEyezilta. Tarpeeks kun otti jengiä kimppatilaukseen mukaan niin saatiin sen verran iso tilaus et ne viitti lähettää. :P Normistihan scleralit maksaa about 70€, tuolta sai puoleen hintaan siitä. Muutenkin noiden linssien hinnat on about markkinoiden halvimpia mitä ite oon löytänyt, osti sitten tuolta tai jälleenmyyjiltä. Laatukin on ollut ihan loistava. Vuoden linssit on kestäny hyvin vuoden. Ainoaa miinusta heille ihan ylihuonoista kämäsesti photoshopatuista myyntikuvista. Samankin myyntiartikkelin kolme eri kuvaa voi olla keskenään ihan erilaisia ja ainakin tällaselle perfektionistille se tuottaa haasteita, kun esimerkiks sinisii piilarei tilatessa ne ei oo vaan siniset piilarit, vaan vertailen kahtakymment eri sävyy kolme päivää putkeen ennenku teen päätöksen. :D 

Doing makeup was interesting with sclerals. It needs its own kind of makeup style which I have to practice. This was first time trying something and I'm quite happy for the results but I think it would be also way more dramatic! :)

I bought the lenses directly from MesmerEyez. I gathered my friends for shared order because their shop is mainly for retailers and the minimum order is way too much for me alone. :D Scleral lenses were half cheaper than anywhere else and I have also used MesmerEyez contacts before, that's why we made the order from there. About their contacts, they are really good. I have nothing bad to say. I have used their 3 months and one year lenses and they are good quality. They have amazing colors as well! Only downside is their quite bad pics. They look like awfully photoshopped and even three different pics from the same product could look like three entirely different products. I'm a perfectionist, I admit that, and if I need blue lenses I may compare twenty different shades for three days row and if you don't know what you will get from all the different pics... Well, I think they're driving me nuts some day! Because I really like their lenses! :D

Little more sweeter look!

Linssit itsessään oli suhtkoht mukavat, vaiks silmät tuntu ekalla käyttökerral vähän kuivilta. Tosin sekin ratkes vinkillä, jonka mukaan kannattaa koittaa jättää linssin pohjalle vähän linssinestettä ennen kun länttää sen paikoilleen. :)

Scleral -linssien kanssa tosiaan näkee ihan normaalisti eikä ne käytössä eroo mitenkään tavallisista linsseistä. Silmään laittaminen ja pois ottaminen onkin sit ihan eri asia, mut sit kun oppii tekniikan niin sekin menee vaivattomasti. Tavallisis linsseis kun riittää et vähän nostaa silmäluomea ja tökkää linssin paikoilleen, scleraleissa pitää repii silmäluomii ihan tosissaan auki, taivuttaa linssiä vähän pitkittäin ja survoo se niin pitkälle yläluomen alle et sen pystyy tökkäämään silmämunan pinnalle ja siitä liu'uttamaan alaluomen alle. Olkaa hyvät tästä yksityiskohtaisesta kuvauksesta! :D 

Lenses were better to use than I expected. First time they dried my eyes a little but then I read a tip which said you can leave couple drops of solution on lenses while putting them on and it helped! With sclerals you can see normally and they aren't different from normal lenses. Expect a little trickier to get on and off. There's enough tutorials on web for that in English so I'm not translating my gross  instructions about stuffing the lenses to your brain through your eye sockets. D:

Okay now I'm gonna eat your soul

"THE X-FILES: I still want to believe!"

Old shoes before...

Ja sit pitihä ne kengätki tehä. Ajattelin eka et oisin paljain varpain mut sit tajusin et keskitalvi, leirikeskus meren rannas ja oon ihan toivoton vilukissa. Maybe not. :D
Joten kaivoin kirppiskuormasta kengät jotka on ollu pari kertaa kirppiksel myynniski mut kukaa ei oo huolinu niit ja päätin et ne sopii ihan tarpeeks, kunhan maalaa hopeeks! 

Otin mukaan jonkun askartelusprayn, mut koska se oli semmonen mattahopee niin perfektionisti sisälläni pisti mut ostaa DecoArtin Dazzling Metallics -akryylimaalin joulualeissa pyöriessä ja vitsit et on hyvää kamaa! Sävyn nimi Shimmering Silver on todellaki nimes veroinen ja muutenkin tuntuu olevan ihan laatutavaraa kun ei lähteny maalit yhtään kuluu juhlien aikana ees helmien päältä. Suosittelen! 

I needed shoes! I thought going barefoot at first but then I realized it's mid-winter, we are near freezing sea and I'm very cold sensitive so not a good idea! I remembered my old shoes waiting in my big bag of clothes going to second-hand shop and decided to use them. I painted them with DecoArt Dazzling Metallics acrylic paint I bought just for this. I had a silver spray with me also but it's more like matte silver and I needed sparkling silver! This DecoArt's paint was perfect. It is also durable, it didn't rip off during the party, even from beads and sequins! :)

Aaaaand after!

Oma lasi oli myös listalla tuotavasta sälästä. Kuolasin Indiskasta ihania kultakoristeltuja laseja, mut totesin taas kerran et ei viitti pistää kymppiä sihen. Joten porukoiden vintiltä vanha lasi, kuumaliimalla laatikoiden pohjalta löytyvää sälää kylkeen ja valmiiiis! 

Party's organizers asked us to bring our own glasses so they can be part of decoration. I made this from old glass I found hotgluing more old stuff I found to it. :D 

Little helpers helping! Mäy!

Vielä viimeisenä piti tuoda mukanaan istuintyyny. Mitään sihen kelpaavaakaan en omistanut, joten kaivoin vielä kerran äitin kaappeja, kaivoin sieltä ihan täydellisen kankaan ja neljä vanhaa tyynyä. Ne jalostuivat jättimäiseksi istuintyynyksi, jolla tuntui olevan juhlissa vientiä milloin istuintyynynä, milloin osana ihmiskasaa ja milloin jonkun päikkärityynynä. Tai bofferimiekan korvikkeena! :D

Last thing to prepare was a sitting cushion. For that I used again old stuff from my mom's closets; the perfect silk fabric I have seen there since I was child and four old pillows for filling. 

Sewing machine sewing!

Professional tester testing!

And finally this Cinderella is ready for the big day! 

Tai ainakin heräämään kymmeneltä meikkaamaan ja pakkaamaan, gaaah! Alotin maalailemalla silmät ristissä Time Tattoolla jännittäviä kuvioita käsivarsiin. Kaaosmagiaa ja muuta hauskaa. Time Tattoo on Cameleonin alkoholipohjainen "tatuointiväri", joka kestää iholla muutaman päivän. Lisää siitä voi lukea mun kirjoittamasta postauksesta Tuhkan Lasten blogiin, mut varmaan jossain vaiheessa tännekin kirjotan oman juttunsa. :)

Lisäyksenä postaukseen voin sanoa, et nää kesti loistavasti kaks iltaa saunomista menemättä miksikään, mut Puolan heinäkuinen solar terror oli liikaa. :D 

Or at least for waking up at 10am for doing makeup and packing, aaaargh! I started my day painting crazy chaos magia symbols on my arms. I used alcohol based Time Tattoo inks which are for temporary water resistant tattoos. They'll stay 3-5 days on skin. I wroted more about Time Tattoo to Children of Ashes blog if you are interested! :) 

In addition to that post, Time Tattoo didn't wear off when I was on sauna many times but last July Poland's solar terror was too much for it. :P

Yaaayyy tattoos! Also, with and without scleral lenses. Though my eyes are closed on the right. :D

Ready to party!


Playing King of Tokyo and drinking Blub Blub. Blub Blub was awful. :|

Mansion of Madness! We all died. D:

Paardit oli tosiaan parhaat, kuten postauksen alussakin jo kerroin. Herkut ruoat, liikaa viiniä, tsiljoonittain kavereita, kauniit maisemat, sauna, lautapelejä ja aamuöiden diippejä keskusteluja!

Ajattelin blogin kautta alkaa seuraamaan paljonko näihin cosseihin, proppeihin ja kaikenmaailman asuihin oikein menee rahaa, joten tässä tämänkertainen rahankulutus.

Yup, the party was great as I said when starting this post. Great food, too much wine, many friends, beautiful surroundings, sauna, board games and weird conversations at small hours. :P 

I thought I'd like to follow how much money I spend making my costumes and props so here's the costs this time.

Kustannukset / Costs
Hopea akryylimaali 60ml / Silver acrylic paint 60ml 3,60€
Hopeiset helmenpuolikkaat maskeerauksiin / Silver beads for makeup 2,90€
Korut H&M:n alesta / Jewellery from H&M's sale 10€
Yhteensä 16,5€

Aika edullisesti pääsin siis, kuten tavoite oli. :) Tietty jos tähän lykkää vielä Scleral -linssit päälle kustannukset nousee vielä 35 eurolla, mut varsinaisesti en tilannut niitä tätä varten ja lisäks ne kestää vuoden, joten huijaan itseäni väittämällä et ne ei kuulu kuluihin. :D

So I didn't spend too much money as I wished. If I count my scleral lenses in it will be 35€ more but because I didn't buy them actually for this party and they will last a year I'll lie to myself saying they are not part of costs. :D 

Valopallo kädessä, tuulessa ja paukkupakkasessa spärdöillen!
Goofing around with led ball in crazy wind and like -15C cold!

Jeaaa siinä olis sit eka jättimegapostaus kasassa! Todnäk seuraavat postaukset tulee olemaan huomattavasti lyhyempiä vaiks rönsyilevä olenkin sanoissani. Aloitan nyt myös opparin kirjottamisen joten kevään aikana postausten määrä ei tuu olee päätähuimaava, mut varmasti heitän tänne settii sillontällön! :) 

Oon tosi iloinen jos jätät jotain kommenttia tai alat seuraamaan blogia. Kuulen myös mielelläni muiden blogeista, etenkin jos aihe liittyy esim. larppaamiseen, rooli-, lauta- tai videopelaamiseen, cossaamiseen, askarteluun tai mihin tahansa mikä menee aiheisiin nörttijutut ja taidejutut. :) 

Kerro myös mielipiteesi blogin kaksikielisyydestä. Tuntuuko se liian sekavalta? Mä ite tykkään kirjottaa myös suomeks koska suomen kielessä saa olla luovempi vaiks todennäkösesti about kaikki lukijoista ymmärtäis myös kaiken vaikka olis täysin enkunkielinen blogi. Enkuks haluan sit taas vetää koska tiedän et mun murresuomea ei pysty vetää Google Translatorilla läpi ja kuitenkin ainakin muutama ei-suomenkielinen tätä blogia tulee lukemaan. :)

Jos ite luette varmuuden vuoks molemmat niin disclaimer, en oo enkun natiivi puhuja enkä myöskään mikään kielinero joten enkkuteksteissä on varmasti asioita jotka vois sanoo fiksummin toisin tai jopa suoranaisia virheitä. Mun tavote on kuitenkin vain se et mua ymmärretään, ei se et vedän täydellist Englantii, joten ethän turhaan huomauttele. 

Kiitos kun luit ja tervetuloa uudelleen! :D 

So that was it! My super long first post here. I'm probably doing shorter posts after this and quite seldom because I have Bachelor's Thesis to do. I'd really like to avoid doing that by writing a blog but I have already avoided it like eight months so time to get a grip of myself and just do it. :D 

I'll be very happy if  you leave a comment or start following my blog. Feel free to tell also about your blog, I'd like to have something to read especially anything larp, cosplay, rpg, crafts, nerdy and artsy stuff related! :) 

Also tell your opinion about writing in Finnish and English. Is it nice I write also in English? Is it hard to see where are the English and Finnish parts? Please mind that I'm not a native speaker so there will be some errors. My goal is that you understand what I want tell to you, not writing fluent English. Anyway, thanks for reading! :) 


Hello World!

Tästä lähtee uusi blogi wuu!

Mulla tosiaan on vanhakin blogi, mut olen evolvoitunut paris vuodessa niin paljon, et koen tarvitsevani uuden paikan jonne kirjottaa. Edellinen blogi oli Colouring My life ja sitä kirjoitin nimimerkillä Crayon. Crayon olen nykyäänkin, mut myös tässä blogissa käyttämäni CR4YB0RG, joka on yhdistelmä väriliidun ja kyborgin sielunelämää. Aika diippii. :P

Tosiaan edellinen blogi käsitteli aika puhtaasti kynsitaidetta, jota harrastin monta vuotta. Se korvaantui uusilla mielenkiinnonkohteilla kuten sen viimisimmästä postauksesta voi päätellä. Niistä tämä blogi kertoo.  Suosittelen ihan ekana kurkkaamaan yläpalkin välilehdet Welcome ja CEO. Tervetuloa CR4YB0RG CORPORATIONiin! :)