Welcome to my blog!

This will be quite free minded lifestyle blog about crazy girl's geek life. Topics you will see here are larping, role playing, board games, making props for larps, arts and crafts, weird stuff I buy, desperate testings of different materials, casual and larp make up, events, friends, life goals, traveling, cats, everyday outfits (which in my case aren't so everyday), awesome projects and also technology and science because I love new weird inventions!


I've used nickname Crayon on internet many years while I had my "fairy years". It changed to more cyborgic Crayborg / CR4YB0RG when I fell in love with science fiction and became a larper. It's like Crayon, my childish and happy color-loving fairy version combined with my dark and edgy cyborg version. Well, dark and edgy from the outside but singing and laughing batshit crazy girl inside. Because "cray" (or "cray cray") means also totally insane person. :P

"Corporation" is just because sometimes living in my head is like managing a megacorporation. Lots of stuff happening you have to take care of, many people working there demanding your time and money. In this case I mean my larp characters. They really took money, time and everything! :D

Also as I said, I love scifi. Especially dystopic worlds full of terrors and what would be dystopic scifi without evil megacorporations? CR4YB0RG CORPORATION isn't of course one of them... *cough*

 Anyway I'm happy you're here, enjoy your time and don't hesitate to contact me! 

Pic from Venonomicon @Instagram

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  1. Thanks to the New Year Resolutions! :) Can't wait to see the next post


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